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Residential and Commercial
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Because we are meticulous, we use our 50 point check list for every residential cleaning.


* Tubs and shower tiles thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

* Sinks thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

* Toilets cleaned and sanitized inside and out (including base and behind). 

* Shower doors cleaned.

* Fixtures thoroughly cleaned and shined. 

* Vanity tops cleaned. 

* Cabinet fronts washed. 

* Mirrors cleaned. 

* Floors thoroughly vacuumed, hand cleaned, and sanitized. 

* Baseboards wet washed. 

* Window sills wet washed. 

* Vents dusted. 

* Light fixtures dusted. 

* Finger prints removed from light plates and door frames. 

* All knick-knacks wiped clean.

* Soap dishes and toothbrush holders wiped clean.

* Trash emptied, liners replaced.


* All furniture dusted: side, tops, and fronts.

* Light fixtures dusted.

* Sinks scrubbed and disinfected, fixtures shined.

* Clean / wipe tables and chairs. 

* Counter tops and backsplash thoroughly cleaned.

* All knick-knacks wiped clean.

* Cabinet fronts wiped and finger prints removed.

* Appliances wiped, inside and outside of microwave cleaned.

* Floors thoroughly vacuumed and washed. Area rugs vacuumed and neatly placed 


* Baseboards wet washed.

* Window sills wet washed.

* Vents dusted.

* Fingerprints removed from light plates and door frames.

* Trash emptied, liners replaced .

BEDROOMS (In addition to applicable "All Living Areas" listed below)

* Beds are made neatly and linens changed (if left out). Dirty linen are placed in hamper 

  or laundry room. 

* Floors vacuumed to include under beds.

All Living Areas

* All furniture dusted: sides, tops, and fronts.

* Picture frames dusted.

* Cobwebs removed.

* Ceiling fans dusted.

* Pillows, blankets, and cushions straightened and fluffed.

* Carpets thoroughly vacuumed - including area rugs.

* Hardwood floors and tile floors vacuumed and washed.

* Window sills wet washed.

* Baseboards wet washed.

* Chair rails wet washed.

* Vents dusted.

* All railings and stairs dusted and vacuumed.

* Glass tables washed.

* Lamps and lampshades dusted.

* Fingerprints removed from light plates and door frames.

* General straightening completed.

* Trash emptied, liners replaced